"Bixtar is a fantastic ball that felt much like the top brands and comes at a lower price point. As the company continues to invest, I believe their brand will grow. Forgiving but also offered a great roll for distance; check out Bixtar ASAP."

Randall S.

"I gave this new ball a try and I ended up actually really liking it. It feels the best when I'm putting!!"

Lou B.

"Loved the feel off the putter and wedges.  Great control with irons and woods.  Definitely a keeper in my bag, loved how it played in the wind.  Cover very durable.  Can't wait to play another round with them."

Genaro L.

"Amazing! These are super soft balls where I can really feel the impact and control of the ball when using my irons. The ball is simple, white ball with only a nice long alignment arrow. Great work Bixtar! Can’t wait to keep ordering."

Gene C.

"They're pretty awesome balls, great feel when you hit them.  Way better than a lot of balls
I've used."

Patrick L.

"Solid off the tee, good feel around the greens and at a great price!"

InSup O.

"Marketing is marketing, but these golf balls do exactly what they say. Give a dozen to your wife and see how much more she enjoys the game. Then, I thought, hmmmmmm, I’m going to try them and they are wonderful."

Roger S.

"Played with a prototype for 5 or 6 holes. Was able to get it closer to the hole than my regular Bridgestones."

Ryan P.

"Liked the feel of the golf ball, looking forward to playing them again next season!!!!"

Rick E.


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